<In the case of subway>  The cost is 220yen.
You can get to Yahata in 10minute from Gojo station by walk. Please take a subway bound for “Kokusai Kaikan”.
Please get off at next station “Gojo Station” and SURE take the exit from Exit #2.
So follow Gojo street to same direction with the exit.
When you walk right way until 5th corner, you must see a Hotel ARANVERT, an over pass and LAWSON in half way. Then please turn to right after you cross the 5th street. Again please turn to left at next corner which has the traffic lights. Yahata is 5th houses from the corner.

<In the case of Kyoto city bus>  The cost is 230yen
You can get to Yahata in 2minute from bus stop by walk. Please get on the bus #50 from B2 bus-stop in Kyoto Station Bus Terminal.
And get off at 5th bus stop "Nishinotoin Matubara". It is the nearest bus stop.
Then you walk back from the bus stop. Please turn to right at next corner which has traffic lights.
Yahata is 5th houses from the corner.  


<When you use taxi>  The cost will be about 700-800yen.
You can get to the entrance of Yahata in 10minute by taxi.
It will be easy and fast. However, if you get on tax at HACHIJO- EXIT (south-gate), you might have to
pay about 1000 ~ 2000yen or more.
We recommend you get taxi from the main gate of Kyoto station.


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