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 No-Smorking & No-Shoes

● No barrier-free (Most guest rooms are on upstairs.)

● Each price are different with each period. Please ask to us, we make the estimation for you.

● The price are inclusive of tax.

● We can accept group-booking from more than 10persons. Please apply from HERE.
● We will offer long-stay discount for more than over 7nights stay. Please apply from HERE.          Note that we can't offer discount when you made booking on other site. 
   Please apply directly on us. 
   We will show reasonable cost and as flexible arrangement.  

Private room (Japanese style)

Single room   / 3,000~6,000yen~

Twin room     / 4,500yen~10,000yen

Triple room   / 6,750yen~13,500yen

Quad room    / 9,000yen~16,000yen

Japanese room with Tatami matts.



Mixed dormitory capsule room (on 3rd floor)

4beds loft room on 3rd floor.

Each spaces are separated by the wall and lockable door.

Also female will be able feel safe to stay even mixed floor.  

One bed / 1,500yen~3,500yen

Each price are different with each period. Please ask to us, we make the estimation for you.
Each price are different with each period. Please ask to us, we make the estimation for you.

The room celling is just low. If you are tall person, please understand in advance.

Private room
Private room
Private single room
Loft floor of dormitory room
Bed space of mixed dormitory room
Shared kitchen
Lounge room
Shared shower room
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Shared kitchen